App Store

10 07 2008

Ok, so this is kind of in response / an update of my post this morning about iTunes 7.7. Like I said before, the new version of iTunes is all about the App Store. I wrote my previous post before I actually went and played around with the App Store.
In case you don’t know already, to go see all of the applications, you don’t click on the Applications Link on the left hand side – you go to here. This is where you can see all of the applications currently available. Going back will take you to the main App Store page, where you can see the staff picks, what’s hot, what’s new (which is funny to me, because aren’t they all new?). And you can also browse all of the free applications.
Once you download an application, it will show up in your download section for a second (they are really fast), and then you will be able to see them in your Applications area. And tomorrow you will be able to add them to your iPhone.
I can’t wait to try some of them out, and get rid of those links for twitter, myspace, etc. on my homepage of my phone.
It seems the App Store is working the way that I expected it to now. You can now access it through the Applications area (once you add it), and then click the link on the lower right that says “Get More Applications”. This will take you to the App Store (doing this earlier today told you that the App Store was not yet available.)
The other way to get to the App Store, that was not an option this morning, is to go directly through the iTunes Store. This morning there was no direct link from the iTunes Store and the App Store. However, now there is a link on the left hand side that allows you to go directly to the App Store.




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