New Facebook Layout

24 07 2008
I’m sure many of you have heard already, but Facebook has announced the new layout and users can already preview it. Logging in the regular way will take you to your old layout, but typing in will let you log in using the new layout (I found that clicking this link does not work, you have to actually type it in.)

Old News Feed Page:

New News Feed Page:

Old Profile:

New Profile:

Besides the aesthetics, there are other differences. The news feed pages actully didn’t change that much. The biggest things that I picked out are that your friends’ status updates are not in the main feed anymore, they now have their own section on the right hand side. There is also a spot for bookmarks, and the search tool has been moved to the top of the page (it was on the left hand side of the page before.) The most changes that I saw were in the profiles. There are yellow tool-tip like tabs that explain the new features. The Wall Filters now lets you see just the wall posts that you posted, or you can see just the ones that other people posted. Your wall, information, and photos are all on separate tabs. In this area is a ‘+’ tab which allows you to place those annoying applications in their own separate tabs too. And finally is the publisher area. This is only available when you are on the Wall tab. The publisher area is where you upload new photos, update your status, and write wall posts (to name a few.) When you switch between your wall and information tabs, your picture and friends stay in the same area. But when you switch to the pictures tabs, everything else disappears from the page. Not really sure what the logic behind that is. I went through other areas of Facebook to see what changed, but there was nothing that really stood out. But enough of me telling you what it looks like, go check it out yourself! Are there any new features that I failed to mention? Or maybe just so really big change that I didn’t notice?

  • Once you switch to the new Facebook, it will stay like that every time you log in. To switch back to the old Facebook, there is a link in the upper right hand corner that says “Back to the old Facebook”. After that, you will see the old layout every time you log in.
  • To turn off the yellow tips in the new layout, there should be long yellow bar above the box where you type what you are doing right now. There should be a little downward pointing arrow that you can click. This is where you turn off the tips.
  • In the new layout, you can now import feeds from other websites.  These include: Flickr, Digg,,, Yelp, Picasa, Google Reader, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pandora, hulu, and a blog or RSS feed.  If you want to do this, click the link that says “settings” next to the links for All Posts, Posts by you, and Posts by others (underneath the box where you type in what you are doing right now.)  To see all of the sites that you can import feeds from, click the more link.
  • You can now take photos using your webcam, or the built in camera on macs, using Facebook.  Click “Add Photos” and then go to the “Take Photo” tab.  After you take it make sure you hit the “Post” button, this will add it to your News Feed.
  • I didn’t notice the “Boxes” tab before, or maybe it wasn’t there a few days ago.  I’m actually not sure what exactly the point of this is.  In mine I have the applications that I have viewable in my profile.  The layout of this tab is bad, and I’m not sure why the tab is named “boxes”.
  • Again, clicking the “+” tab will add a single application into it’s own tab.  I guess this is good when you have favorite applications that you use all the time.



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