14 08 2008

I’ve been debating whether to go to SXSW next year. The conference is in Austin, Texas and runs March 13th through 22nd. The 13th-17th is the interactive festival, the 13th-21st is the music festival, and the 18th-22nd is the film festival.

Here is the description for the interactive film festival:

“The SXSW Interactive Festival offers five days of panels, keynote discussions, Trade Show, and exciting evening events. Attendees benefit from hands-on, how-to training as well as long-term, big-picture analysis in an atmosphere that charges creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. More to the point, coming to SXSW Interactive is a great way to recharge your creativity.”

Registration prices are based on the date that you register (badges are cheapest before Sept. 26) and they are also based on what you want to do at the conference. You can choose to attend just one aspect (interactive, film, or music), or a combination of the three.

The interactive badge, if bought before Sept. 26th is $375 which is pretty acceptable! (What do you think are the chances of an employer paying for their employee to go to this are?) This badge alone gives you access to:

  • SXSW Web Awards and Pre-Party (with complimentary food and refreshments)
  • SXSW Interactive Conference & Festival—4 days of keynote speeches, provocative panels, how-to sessions, distinguished speaker series and roundtables
  • SXSW Film/Interactive Trade Show & Exhibition-3 days of exhibits where you can interact with representatives from 80+ companies
  • SXSW Registrants Lounge –- complimentary refreshments and snacks while you schmooze
  • ScreenBurn Gaming Arcade and ScreenBurn panel programming
  • SXSW Interactive Big Bag filled with magazines, software, t-shirts, stickers and other goodies
  • SXSW Program Book/Registrants’ Directory
  • SXSWorld Magazine subscription (4 issues per year – a $20 value)
  • Unlimited opportunities to interact with your industry peers at a non-stop parade of receptions, parties and get-togethers. 

I guess my biggest worry is going alone, I’m definitely not a huge fan of going to conferences by myself, or flying by myself! But I think it would still be so much fun, I would be able to meet different people, and I think it would just be an awesome opportunity overall.

For more information on SXSW, visit their website: and let me know if you are going!