iPhone 2.0.2

19 08 2008

I’m glad that Apple is taking steps to improve iPhone 2.0. The 2.0.2 update was released today, just two weeks after the 2.0.1 update was released.
Apple doesn’t give much information on what it fixes, the only description given is “bug fixes”. There is hope that people with the 3G models will see their connectivity issues fixed. (Since I’m still using the older model, I haven’t experienced these problems.) There is also hope that the lag in the keyboard will be fixed (which irritates me to no end!)

Just to download the update takes a while to complete, and expect the backup and installation to take a while too. I’ll let you know what changes once mine finishes.

It seems like there are not any major changes, which I was not expecting anyway. Applications are loading a little bit faster, and the lag that I’ve noticed with the keyboard seems to be fixed. I usually had this lag when using the search feature in my contacts list, now this comes up a lot faster and the letters appear as soon as they are typed. Let’s give it a couple of days and see if these improvements in speed are fixed for good.
It’s also being reported that 2.0.2 provides a temporary fix for a few of the 3G problems — maybe. Read the article at Ars Technica.

Update – 8/21/2008:
Some iPhone 3G users have reported that they do not have the ability to make calls after updating to 2.0.2. Read the full article on Infinite Loop (Ars Technica).

Update – 8/22/2008:
I was really excited after updating when the keyboard lag I had been seeing seemed to disappear. But, like I said when I initially wrote this post, I would wait a few days to see if the “fix” was permanent. Yesterday, I was using the search function in my contacts, and it went back to taking forever to come up, and the letters didn’t show up as soon I typed them. So, that was only “fixed” for a couple days. *sigh*


Counting Down

3 07 2008

The 3G iPhone is coming out on July 11th at 8am – will you be there?
Personally, I won’t. I just got my iPhone and don’t think that the new features (that are specific to the phone, not the software) are worth buying another one. On top of that, rates are increasing along with text messaging not being included. Although, for people who may not already own an iPhone, I think that this is the prime time to get one (the price decrease in the phone may make up somewhat for the rate increase).
I am very excited for the software update though, and cannot wait to explore the app store! And I am for some odd reason extremely excited about being able to search contacts.
FYI: Apple posted a guide to the 3G iPhone. In case you didn’t already know, or haven’t seen it, here is the link: http://www.apple.com/iphone/guidedtour/ Some of it just goes over basic features of the iPhone that you already know about if you already have one, but other parts showcase new features.