Update: iTunes Error

11 07 2008

For any of you that are having problems with activating your iPhone after the update – you are not alone! I totally predicted this last night. It seems that there is a server overload, which really is not surprising at all. Not only are they release new software that will require activation, but they are also releasing a new phone which will need to be activated. It’s easy to explain why this is happening, but what’s not easy is not knowing when it is going to be fixed and not having a phone until then.
Anyway, here’s a link that is tracking the error and the progress and will hopefully let us know when everything is going to be back up and running (ie. when we can finally use our phones again.):

I started my update at 9:30 am, and now at 11:30 am I finally have my phone back. No more brick!
For everyone out there having the never-ending “Accessing iTunes Store” problem, here is my advice: Click ‘ok’ on the error message. Click any other heading in iTunes. Click back to your iPhone and wait while it accesses. This is essentially saving your place in line. Eventually you’ll get through (although, I hope you don’t have to wait 2 hours like I did.)
DO NOT unplug or restart your iPhone. This will restart the entire process over again, causing you to wait even longer than you already have.
Good luck!