Google Chrome – Part 1

6 09 2008

The beta version of Google Chrome (Google’s new browser) was released last week. However, it is only available to Windows users.

I would have loved to download it, play around with it, and write up a comprehensive review, but I’m avoiding my windows machine until I finally get around to reformatting it. Or until I finally get around to installing Windows on my Mac.

If you visit the Google Chrome website, you can sign up to get news about the development of the browser for Mac.

So I am calling this post “Google Chrome – Part 1” with the hopes that I will soon be able to get a beta version for Mac and then review it here (“Google Chrome – Part 2”).

However, for those Windows users out there that want to try Google Chrome, I strongly encourage you to. But just remember that this is a beta version, and so functionality can be somewhat limited and there are more than likely some bugs. I’ve also put together a list of links relating to Chrome that you may want to check out:


iTunes 7.7

10 07 2008

iTunes 7.7 is available today. I went to Apple’s download page, and it says it’s version 7.62. If you click on it, it then says it’s version 7.7. But when you download it, it really is version 7.62. So, I kind of wasted my time trying to do it that way. Version 7.7 is available through Software Update (as well as a OS X update).
So what’s new in iTunes 7.7? Support for the App Store, of course! Now in the preferences, there is an option to show Applications (in the same area where you see Podcasts, Ringtones, etc.). Also in the preferences, under the Advanced tab, there is now an option to look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes.

Sort of related:
REALLY excited for software update tomorrow. I know they aren’t really blow-your-mind changes, but definitely some much needed upgrades. However, copy and paste really should have been included in this, but maybe in the next update? (hint hint, Apple.)