Problems with iPhone 2.0

29 07 2008

I, like many others, was looking forward to iPhone 2.0 and 3G day. Many of us stuck it out while Apple’s servers wanted to collapse from all the traffic. We downloaded app upon app, figuring out which ones were useful, novelty, or just plain pointless. Well, after we all praised our new phones and software (with the exception of MobileMe), we started to realize that everything wasn’t so perfect after all.

Here are the things that I find most annoying about my iPhone after the 2.0 update. I’m putting the 4 that are freshest in my mind, but as I think of more (because I’m sure there are more), I’ll add them.

1. My battery life has gone down the drain. Before the update, I didn’t think that the battery life was too bad. I mean, sure it could have been better, but it wasn’t as bad as it is now. Everyday I am down to 20% of battery life. Is this a scheme to get all of us to buy a second charger or a car charger? I hate more than anything when my phone dies, and it is just too often of an occurrence now.

2. Syncing has now become a pain in my ass. If I want to sync anything else (pictures, music, etc.), I have to “re-sync” my applications. What I mean by this is you HAVE TO select that you want to sync your applications, otherwise it will delete all of them from your phone. But once you re-sync, all of your logins are cleared from your applications, and everything is in a different order than it was before. So you waste your time putting it in again when all you really want to do is use the application. Why isn’t there an option to not sync them, but in a way that just leaves everything the way that it is?

2b. ¬†Another thing that is sort of related to this is the process of updates for applications. Here is an example: Pandora is on homescreen #4 on my phone and NetNewsWire is on homescreen #1. I updated both of them today. Well, it’s nice that it gets rid of the old version of the application, and it’s great if the application you are updating is the last icon of the first homescreen, like my NetNewsWire is. However, Pandora was now placed in the last spot of the first homescreen. Why doesn’t the application just get updated and stay in the same spot that it was in to begin with? It almost makes all of the organization pointless since it constantly has to be redone.

3. Why do we not have copy and paste? I know that Apple stated it was not top priority, and I know that MagicPad (still waiting for approval for the app store) can do copy and paste. Mind you, this is only copy and paste within that one application, it doesn’t work with Safari or Mail. It just kills me that one of the most basic text-editing functions hasn’t been included yet.

4. My phone seems to have a mind of it’s own, or it’s just really unhappy. Before iPhone 2.0, my phone would RARELY restart on it’s own. After the update, I can’t even count how many times it’s just restarted randomly. I’m just using an application, or closing one down, and everything goes black. Eventually I see the silver apple, and I know my battery didn’t die, at least. But why does it do this? And I switching between applications too fast?

With all the problems I, and many other iPhone users, have been having, it’s not suprising to read an article titled “Is Apple Becoming Microsoft” (which is similar to this article.) The main points that the first article makes are:

  • hardware shortages of extremely popular products
  • computers crashing during activation at Apple and AT&T stores
  • buggy 2.0 software, which Apple “inflicted” on their customers
  • formal apology for MobileMe performance
  • installing software on user’s computers without their knowledge

Ok, I think it is a little harsh, and I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to say that Apple is becoming Microsoft. However, I do believe that some of the things that they have done could have been handled better. To me it seems like some more planning could have been done. But just because of that doesn’t mean they are now Microsoft, because there a plenty of companies out there that could have benefited from a better plan.

Finally, I know that this is not Apple’s fault, but it is so sad to see a really cool application be unusable by anyone because of the city that they live in. I live in Reno, NV and sure, it’s the “biggest little city in the world”, but it’s not THAT small. And it’s sad to not see us on the list of supported cities in some of these applications.

The one that I was most looking forward to was UrbanSpoon. I think this is an awesome application, and something that I would actually use. (Somehow I am friends with people who are all just like me – extremely indecisive when it comes down to where to eat, or even what kind of food to eat.) When this first came out, instead of telling the user that their city was not supported, the application just crashed. They have since come out with an update, which tells you your city is not on the list and asks you if you would like to suggest a city. Why, yes, I would! I applaud them for trying to make this application better (but I still wish I could use it NOW!)

What are the things that bug you the most about the software update / iPhone 3G? Do you think Apple is becoming Microsoft? And what applications have you been unable to use?


Today is the day!

11 07 2008

It’s July 11th everyone, and we all know what that means – iPhone 2.0 software and iPhone 3G day! While some of us (ie. me) aren’t getting a new phone, we can still look forward to the new software, including the App Store, which launched yesterday.
I downloaded iTunes 7.7 yesterday and looked through all of the free apps (not ready to commit to buying apps at this point.) I downloaded a few, but had to wait today to actually use them. (Ok, I know, there was an unofficial release of the update yesterday, but for the same reason that I never jailbroke my iPhone, I decided to wait until the official release.) Speaking of jailbreaking, there is news that iPhone 2.0 has already been jailbroken (that was quick!). The Lifehacker article was particularly good.
Anyway, back on track, I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinions on the new software, but here’s mine:

It took a while to back up, prepare, and restore both software and firmware on my iPhone. But I guess so does reformatting a computer, so I should be used to it. I guess I was just really excited for it that my normal impatience was even worse waiting for this.
Once it finished restoring, it had to restart, and I assumed it would be something like when you first got the phone, and you had to go through all sorts of setup. Well, I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting while it accessed the iTunes store and then I got this error message:

Ok, so try again. Nope, same error message. *Sigh* how long is this going to take?
I guess me and my opinion of the apps are going to have to wait until I get this figured out.
More to come…