Today is the day!

11 07 2008

It’s July 11th everyone, and we all know what that means – iPhone 2.0 software and iPhone 3G day! While some of us (ie. me) aren’t getting a new phone, we can still look forward to the new software, including the App Store, which launched yesterday.
I downloaded iTunes 7.7 yesterday and looked through all of the free apps (not ready to commit to buying apps at this point.) I downloaded a few, but had to wait today to actually use them. (Ok, I know, there was an unofficial release of the update yesterday, but for the same reason that I never jailbroke my iPhone, I decided to wait until the official release.) Speaking of jailbreaking, there is news that iPhone 2.0 has already been jailbroken (that was quick!). The Lifehacker article was particularly good.
Anyway, back on track, I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinions on the new software, but here’s mine:

It took a while to back up, prepare, and restore both software and firmware on my iPhone. But I guess so does reformatting a computer, so I should be used to it. I guess I was just really excited for it that my normal impatience was even worse waiting for this.
Once it finished restoring, it had to restart, and I assumed it would be something like when you first got the phone, and you had to go through all sorts of setup. Well, I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting while it accessed the iTunes store and then I got this error message:

Ok, so try again. Nope, same error message. *Sigh* how long is this going to take?
I guess me and my opinion of the apps are going to have to wait until I get this figured out.
More to come…


iTunes 7.7

10 07 2008

iTunes 7.7 is available today. I went to Apple’s download page, and it says it’s version 7.62. If you click on it, it then says it’s version 7.7. But when you download it, it really is version 7.62. So, I kind of wasted my time trying to do it that way. Version 7.7 is available through Software Update (as well as a OS X update).
So what’s new in iTunes 7.7? Support for the App Store, of course! Now in the preferences, there is an option to show Applications (in the same area where you see Podcasts, Ringtones, etc.). Also in the preferences, under the Advanced tab, there is now an option to look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes.

Sort of related:
REALLY excited for software update tomorrow. I know they aren’t really blow-your-mind changes, but definitely some much needed upgrades. However, copy and paste really should have been included in this, but maybe in the next update? (hint hint, Apple.)