Blog Action Day

15 08 2008

Yesterday, the topic for this year’s Blog Action Day was announced – Poverty.
Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, because maybe a lot of people don’t know what Blog Action Day is. The goal of the event is to get bloggers and pod and video casters to post about the same topic to spur both discussion and change. Once the year’s topic is announced, you can sign up to commit your blog to the event, meaning that you “promise” to blog about that topic on the chosen date. This year’s date is October 15th.
B.A.D. has posted a video, both on their website and on Vimeo, announcing this year’s topic. I put it up here just to make it easier for you all. I think it does an excellent job to excite the viewer to get involved.

Are you excited yet? Me too! But what do you write about? Advice that is given on the B.A.D.’s website suggests that you stick with the overall topic of your blog. For example, if your blog’s topic is Politics, then you could write about what the candidates are doing, or plan to do, about this issue.
If you want more information and to register your blog, visit Blog Action Day’s website or follow them on Twitter. Also, be sure to go Digg them, they deserve it!