Coolest iPhone Application

18 07 2008

Ok, so I have downloaded several applications and have only had problems with a few of them. And generally, my favorites had just been versions of websites that I use on a daily basis (Myspace, Facebook, Yelp). But I found the coolest application and I am so glad that I did! Here’s a little preface: I have a lot of mixed CDs from friends, that aren’t tagged with song titles, artists, or albums. I like my music library to be really organized, and mixed CDs are always a nightmare if I don’t know who the song is by. What I would normally resort to is listening to each song, pulling out a sentence or phrase from the song, and googling that. Usually that will come up with the artist and song name. Then I would go to Amazon and look up that artist’s albums. I would go through each album looking for the name of the particular song. Needless to say, this was a horrible way to do it!
Well, along comes Shazam (free). You just tap the “tag now” button, and it listens to the song and will come back with the artist, name of the song, genre, label, and album. Wow, what a time saver! So, I tested it out with some songs that I already had the information for. I tried some well know artists, and some lesser known or older artists. Shazam got it every time! So, I moved on to tagging a CD full of G Love songs, which are all from different albums. It got every single one of them. If I had more time today, I’d finish my entire music library, but I have quite a few unknown songs!
Anyway, point is, if you find yourself in the same predicament as me often, then this is definitely an App to check out!