Annoying wireless router

20 06 2008

I’m not exactly sure what it is about me, but me and wireless routers don’t particularly get along. I’ve always had issues getting them set up and working and getting security on them. When I finally broke down and decided to start paying for my own internet instead of stealing my neighbors’, I bought a wireless router. I COULD NOT get any sort of security to work with my Windows laptop. Eventually I decided to just keep my laptop permanently hardwired to the router. But with my Mac, everything worked perfect the very first time. I just don’t understand why it should be so difficult with some hardware, but with others it is the easiest thing ever.
Well, lately I have been having problems with accessing secure areas of websites. I have been trying to order a hard drive on Newegg and it is just not working for me. I can get to the hard drive specs, but once I go to add it to the cart, the page hangs and eventually tells me that the page cannot be found. This is happens on a linux machine, a mac, and two PCs. It’s not operating or browser specific. And when I try to google the problem (because I think that it has something to do with my wireless router), all I get is specs and places to buy my router – not helpful!
Anyone have any ideas on this, or had similar issues? I tried Newegg on my iPhone and everything worked fine, which pretty much confirms to me that the problem is with my wireless router. But of course, when I hardwire directly into the cable modem, my internet connection never works, so I can’t really test out my theory fully.